Toy box picture labels

Choose up to a maximum of 17 labels in the colour of your choice to match your chosen theme. Each picture label costs $4.

Alternatively, you can order all 17 labels for $60 (which includes 2 FREE labels)

Approximate size of picture labels:
Up to 15cm in length
Up to 9cm in height (the tallest part of the pictures)


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Per picture label: $4
3 sheets consisting of 17 labels: $60


black, blue grey, bright maroon, lavender, light blue, mustard yellow, navy, pink

Name of decals

animals and dinosaurs, arts and crafts, balls, barbies, beads, blocks, cars and trucks, dolls and dolls' clothes, gadgets and tools, games, lego, musical instruments, planes and trains, playfood, pretend play, puzzles, superheroes and action figures

Product Benefits

Just like the decals, simply peel and stick!

Each label is accompanied by a picture, enabling kids of all ages to use them independently.

Please note: Pretty Neat Kid’s picture labels are for decorative purposes only and are not toys!
Please note: colours may vary slightly to those on screen


Within Australia, shipping will be charged at a flat rate of $3 if the picture labels are ordered on their own, and delivery should take between 1-2 weeks.
If labels are ordered together with boxes, standard turn around time from ordering to receiving your items should take approximately 2-3 weeks as the boxes are made to order and they will be shipped together.



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