Decals and picture labels

Bring your play spaces to life

Pretty Neat Decals

Our fabric decals are easy to use, simply peel and stick. Best of all, they are so VERSATILE. The decals are easily removeable, reusable and repositionable. So as kids outgrow one theme, simply peel the decals off and replace with new ones.

Get Creative

Design the ultimate play space that meets your child where they are now, knowing you can easily and inexpensively update as their needs and preferences change. Get creative and choose from a variety of gender neutral or gender specific themes.

So versatile

We were serious when we said they are versatile. Not only can the decals be used to style the boxes but they have also been designed to add fun and colour to the walls of nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms too.

Available in 3 different sizes, specifically measured to fit the size of each box.

Pretty Neat Picture Labels

Labels give everything a home.  And when everything has a home, it makes it easier for kids to access what they need, when they need it, without your help.

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