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Welcome to my Pretty Neat corner

Hi there!

My name is Shelly. Thank you for stopping by my Pretty Neat little corner.

I’m a mum of two and much like you, I love sitting back and watching my kids immersed in play, oblivious to the world around them. They dedicate themselves completely to creating that LEGO tower, or losing themselves in craft. LEGO blocks fly as they search for that last little black wheel. The craft box comes out, and, before your coffee is even made, they’ve created two new bracelets and they’re asking where the paint supplies are.

If you’re anything like me though, while all of this is happening, are you also watching on, anxiety levels slowly rising, dreading what comes next? The leaving ALL the stuff exactly where it’s landed as they move on to their next activity, where they start pulling ALL the stuff out again…?

Ah, yes...

Mums, I’ve been right there with you. As a former primary school teacher and self-confessed organisation nut, I was determined to find a solution so my kids could continue to make the mess, with a system to make tidying up easy and fun.

My personal values when it comes to kids’ playtime are:

1) allowing children the freedom to play unrestrained (in other words, a big mess!) and;

2) instilling a sense of personal responsibility with tidy up time.
It’s the teacher-now-parent in me saying this, but, tidy up time can be a truly valuable learning opportunity.

So, then...

What does a neat-freak, frustrated mum do when she can’t find what she needs? Create her own range of storage solutions, of course!
I’m so excited to show you around the Pretty Neat Kids range. I have perfected it using feedback from hundreds of Australian mums, just like you.

Can you imagine your play space...

If you answered yes….

I would LOVE to help you transform your children’s play space. Take a look through our range of carefully crafted boxes, decals, and labels.

If you’d like to stay in touch…

If you’re not quite ready to purchase but would love to stay in touch, please join our Pretty Neat Kid’s corner. To welcome you, you will receive a copy of our Pretty Neat Folding Game and we will pop into your inbox now and again with play space inspiration, a round up of what’s happening on the PNK’s socials, offers, competitions and more.

Pretty Neat at Tidying Foldable Game


If you’re feeling social, feel free to give me a follow and introduce yourself – I love to connect with other mums!

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